Thursday, March 28, 2013

Baking with an angel

Someone who knows her way around the kitchen and has definite ways to do all that she does is my girl A.  She knows to wash up before preparing food (most of the time without prompting) and she dons her cute little apron every chance she gets.  She is very precise about measurements and follows recipes to the T.   This week we decided to knock out a badge requirement for American Heritage Girls (AHG) called the Cake Decorating badge.  It's requirements were to make a cake or cupcakes, then frost & decorate them.  She was all in.  She didn't want or really need my help except for some supervision where egg shells are concerned and oven operations.

 Results were some wonderful cupcakes which she shared with her sister, neighbors and Grandpa.  She had to test them out for herself too!

I love baking with my angel.

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