Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mother's Day Adventure

It all started yesterday with the hopes & dreams of our 8 year old and the rest of us too! Could we find the treasure? We just had to try. So we ate lunch then hopped into the trusty minivan to take a road trip. Yes, it was spontaneous. Yes, it was a long shot. But alas, we did it. We traveled nearly 560 miles round trip. We encountered horses, sheep & cattle as usual. We also saw antelope, new bird species, rabbit and deer. There was sunshine, rain, hail & snow. Did I mention this was an adventure? We arrived at our nicely deduced locale and searched high & low. Well, mostly low since the "treasure" was buried. Alas, we did not find anything. Had we figured incorrectly? A stay at a nearby hotel allowed us more time for internet searches & more clue hunting. We retraced our steps again this morning in the rain and again came up empty handed. We packed up & headed home. Defeated but not discouraged. We had a wonderful adventure we will not soon forget. Thank you family for our Mother's Day Adventure!

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